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Efest IMR Battery

Efest is manufacturer of one of the best IMR battery at very affordable prices. They offer IMR battery in Silver, Black and Purple range. We believe Purple range is one of the best battery range for the buck you can get. Efest batteries are high recomended for ecig mod requiring lot of grunt and power.

What size available for Efest IMR Battery?

This are very good rechargeable batteries available in different size of 18650 and 18350

Efest 18650 IMR 2500mah 35A Flat Top Battery

Rechargeable Sub Ohm capable

Rechargeable Battery Plastic Safety Box

2 x 18650 or 4 x 18350 carry case

Trustfire TR001 Universal Battery Charger

18650, 18350, 18500 Battery Charger

Ultrafire BRC 18650 Li-ion 4000mAh Button Top Battery

Safety Protected Battery for Mods.