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Basic eCig Starter Kit

New to Electronic Cigarettes? Wanted to start on Vaping? Well then our Basics eCig Starter kit is idead to get started on vaping. This kit covers all your bases with out breaking the bank. It will let you try and see if ecigarette are something for us before you make big investment in peformance grade electronic cigarette hardware gears.

Everything you need to begin your journey into ecigs.

The Basic Kit has all the essentials and is designed for beginners.

The Basics Kit is also suited to veteran vapers looking for budget hardware with durable performance.


eGO CE5 V2 eCig Starter Kit (Blister Pack)

CE5 Vaping Starter Kit Melbourne

eGO CE6 V4 eCig Starter Kit (Blister Pack)

eGo CE6 Vaping Starter Kit Perth

Joyetech eGO eCig Starter Kit

Affordable E-Cigarette Vaping Starter Kit

Kanger EVOD eCigarette Starter Kit (Blister Pack)

Best Evod Starter Kit in Sydney